Fauxchella 2011, part II: Hicksville Trailer Palace

Rather than lump this into yesterday's egregiously lengthy post (I say this in a self-depricating tone while simultaneously patting myself on the back, smugly. Which pretty much describes how I say everything. I don't know why I have friends.), I thought I'd highlight this in a separate masterpiece post. Past Fauxchellas have taken place in neighborhoods, in residential areas, at friends' houses. This year, we decided to hit the road for a place called Hicksville Trailer Palace. My good friend Jen iChatted me a link in January asking if I'd seen it. I clicked like one might click any link--with mildly piqued interest. But my Internetting mind was promptly annihilated by how completely bitchin' this place looked. Within a week, it was booked for Fauxchella IV. 

I'm may be known for a certain level of effusiveness when it comes to the things that I love (puppies! Whiskey! Los Angeles! Um...corn on the cob!), so I'll just preface with this: I was blown away by Hicksville. To emulate a certain SNL City Correspondent: Yucca Valley's hottest spot is Hicksville. Hotel owner Morgan Higby Night has thought of Everything: Carnies. Teepees. Glowing wig heads. Human dust devils...

But it's the truth: Higby Night has thought of everything, from the amenities all the way down to each trailer's unique decor, I couldn't find a single thing about Hicksville that hadn't been painstakingly thought out and humorously achieved. For us, it was the perfect location to disappear for two days and reemerge with a song or two under our belts. But a GQ writer I am not (please return my phone calls, GQ. SRSLY.), so I'll leave you with more photos of this mysterious trailer park oasis. 

A view of the main grounds

Obviously, I'm a fan.

Each of the eight trailers is themed. This one is called The Pioneer. 

This is called The Fifi (and my personal favorite)

There's archery!

...And BB guns!

This teepee ended up being an unexpected jam space. Pass the peace pipe, mama wolf.

If you rent out the entire place, you also get access to the bar cart

The view from the roof, itself replete with a hot tub and lounge chairs

The Sweet

The Sidecar - circus-themed on the inside and absolutely brilliant

You can see a tiny bit of The Pony, housed within its own corral. 

Did I mention the archery? 

The Integratrailor

My weekend stomping grounds: The New World

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Dani Ray said...

Please tell me you're going here for 2012 :)

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